10 Easy-to-Maintain House Plants to Add to Your Home

House Plants

After losing plants you take good care of, it is easy to feel dejected. But not all house plants require a green thumb or extensive gardening knowledge. Here is a list of 10 house plants that can survive neglect, from the modern synthetic gardeners. Just remember to buy something that likes to live how you live.


Calling all green thumb failures, the Himalayan Ivy plant is a perfect option for those who find maintaining plants impossible. The ivy has a nickname of devil’s ivy for its ability to withstand almost anything. It can stand pitch-black environments, as well as waters.


The “Aglaonema” is one of the most low maintenance plants around. You can over-water this plant without any fear and it comes in many different colours.

Jade Plant

The Jade Plant is by far one of the easiest plants to maintain. They actually have a special quality where they retain an excess amount of water with their circular leaves–meaning that often when you water these plant the moment they are done drinking, they’ll drink again! And even when they don’t get any more hydration, they just keep growing.

Asparagus Fern

Adding a leafy, Asparagus fern to your home will brighten up any space. This heavy-leafed plant tolerates much more abuse than other ferns thanks to the fact that it’s not a true fern. The Asparagus Fern can adapt to both bright and dark spots of your home.

Chinese Money Plant

New research suggests that house plants allow people to relax and reduce their anxiety. The easiest plant to maintain is the Red-Edged Dracaena – it grows its best in a shady spot or on a winter windowsill with weekly watering.


If you love plants, then I have a list for you of 10 easy-to-maintain house plants to add to your home. All you need for a happy yucca is a sunny spot, a deep pot and water sparingly.

What is an air plant?

This beautiful plant does not even need soil to grow. While you should use some form of watering from time to time, it can stay in the same rotation for around 10 days at a time.

Spider plants

This fast-growing plant produces little, “babies” that can be re-potted for more greenery around the house. The Java Fern just needs a lit spot and water weekly to thrive.

House Plants

Peace Lily

Lack of maintenance is a common issue for those choosing to buy a new house plant. Asking a home care expert or visiting your local gardening store can help you find easy-to-maintain plants that will suit your preferred conditions.


A plant that thrives in indirect light and needs frequent soaks is a moth orchid. Moth orchids hardly need to be watered and prefer time out of bright sunlight.