5 Tips to Follow While Buying a New Phone

New Phone

When purchasing a new android phone, you should be aware of the different features, such as operating system, screen size, processor and price. In this article, there are five helpful tips when choosing your next device.


In the past, cellular device used subsidies to offer a free or discounted phone with a two-year contract. However, now you typically buy your phone outright. This means you’ll have to pay the full price upfront – anywhere from $650 – $1,000 based on what kind of phone you purchase. Picking up an Android phone will help save some money and still satisfy your need for a capable device because unlocked Android phones offer better design, excellent performance, tons of memory,

New Phone Operating Systems

Buying a smartphone can be difficult. On the Android side, you have more choices for the variety of displays, specifications, size, capabilities and goals you seek to achieve with your phone selection. However, on the iOS side, you will find a variety of recent iPhone models as well as older ones that all run the latest version of iOS offering an enhanced Control Center, Live Photo editing capabilities, as well as a redesigned updated app store.

Be Aware of Your Screens

There are many different screen sizes to choose from, but the current trend is towards phones with narrow widths. The narrowing screen size allows users to hold the phone in one hand, unlike their wider predecessors.


Apart from its colour quality, brightness and viewing angles, you should also pay attention to the size of your phone when purchasing.

Ensure that potential smartphones have a panel bright enough for you to be able to read outdoors, since reading the screen should not be difficult. The brightness of the screen outside affects your interaction with the devices and usage patterns.

New Phone

Choose a phone with a minimalist design

When it comes to buying a cellular device, it’s best to look for devices that have metal or glass bodies or, even better, a device that has both. Most phones that come with a plastic body will be cheaper, but these devices are generally frowned upon because of the risk for cracks caused by physical impact.