10 Types of Handbags for Every Woman


As a handbag fanatic, you probably already know about the different types of accessories that are available. But if you don’t, then here is a checklist to go through to help you decide on what kind of Handbags you want.

The shoulder bag, or the everyday bag as some call it, is the most functional bag as they are big and fit in all your handy essentials like skin care, wipes, sunglasses, and more.

Satchels are a perfect balance between working women’s everyday handbag and laptop bag. You can carry all your basics and extras like your gadgets too. Say goodbye to carrying two bags!

The sling bag, or the cross-body bag some call it, is a functional, comfortable and stylish option. It’s ideal for shopping, running errands and travelling. Sling bags come in all sizes making them functional, chic and everyday essentials.

These 10 Types of Handbags for Every Woman are iconic and can be quite an investment. These investments will translate into happiness in your bag pool closet.

A clutch is a great way to feel fully glamorous but still be practical. You cover up the uncomfortable straps of your backpack and don’t have to spend time rummaging around in your bag for what you need.

One of the many types of handbags is the minaudiere, which is a clutch that is encrusted with coloured stones, gems, and pearls. These bags are perfect for really special events like cocktail parties, weddings, or evening parties.

A hobo bag is a shoulder-style bag but isn’t as wide. Its crescent shape makes the bag both formal and casual, so if you are bored with your regular totes and shoulder bags, pick one up. Some of the 10 types of bags included in this post are: Hobo – A hobo bag is a shoulder-style bag but isn’t as wide. Its crescent shape makes the bag both formal and casual.

Find the perfect bag with Wristlets. These wristlet wallets are perfect for women who want to carry everything they need without having to carry a purse.

If you need a handbag for your vacation, an upgrade from the purse may be in order. Jute and straw baskets are waterproof, stylish, and can fit everything you need for a dip in the ocean.


The most important part of a handbag is the wallet or purse. They add personality to your day-to-day outfit and you can use them to make a statement at any occasion.