Fashion of Old Age


Clothing retailers are starting to become more aware of the fact that clothing Fashion options for women over 50 aren’t lacking and therefore, more options are becoming available. Regardless of where you turn though, finding mature yet flattering clothing that isn’t frumpy or shapeless can feel impossible.

Right fashion trends for Older Women


If you want to find your style at 50+, you can use clothes: clean-cut classics, nautical, and striped patterns. Women with preppy styles gravitate to these styles and wear blazers, colored slacks, and stripes.


If you have a casual style this means wearing something comfortable and always be prepared. Whether it is jeans, t-shirt, or blouse. Make sure to wear clothing that you are comfortable in so you won’t leave the house sloppily dressed.


Recently, designer Victoria Beckham has launched 24 new styles of denim with 23 new shades of distressed denim. Women who want to try something new and trendy can incorporate these looks into their current wardrobe and make it their own.


Women wear clothing with a classic style typically feel their best in elegant, tailored, and structured attire. A popular option is wearing a simple pair of slacks, liked by many for its simplicity and elegance. Slacks can also be paired with a stylish trench coat or wool sheath dress for an impeccable look.


Women who prefer a bohemian style embrace their inner artist, opting for clothes that are light, flowy, and have bold colors and exotic prints. A few classic staples for this style include pieces like crocheted tops, flowing maxi skirts, and loose pastel tops. Women who prefer a boho-chic look typically choose bombshells silhouettes in dark colours with subtle patterns.


Women aged 50+ can find beauty in Fashion with their wardrobe by sticking to a specific color palette, simple silhouettes, and few accessories. Neutral colors are an ideal go-to, and prints are restricted to striped button-down shirts worn on occasion.

Three Clothing Stores To Try If You Are 50+


One interesting retailer for women over 50 is Nordstrom. The department store has a wide variety of trendy, timeless clothes for every age, shape and size.

M.M. LaFleur

M.M. LaFleur is a one-stop shop for casual wear and work attire, with a particular appeal to mature women interested in high-quality clothing for every occasion. The store also sells formal attire, workout wear, and loungewear.


Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher has been producing women’s fashion since 1984. Simple, versatile basics are crucial in the Eileen Fisher line. Now that we’re getting older, it is important to be able to dress that way as well.