Women don’t like this Men Fashion!

Men Fashion

Men, don’t make the mistake of ignoring your appearance if you want to find love! Personal style is a major factor in attracting love by appearing confident and comfortable.

In truth, it’s all about striking a balance between comfort and style with men’s clothing. It is for this very reason that a wise man would listen to what women have to say about men’s fashion!

Deep V-Necks

Though a V-neck may seem better for casual wear, such as undershirts, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like the undershirt showing out of an unbuttoned collar, then a deep v neck is perfectly fine.

It helps by giving the illusion that there is nothing beneath your dress shirt, all while keeping sweat and skin away from the expensive material. However, a deep V-neck alone isn’t very attractive. Luckily, you can wear whatever you want one step below your dress shirt to help fill it.

Socks And Flip Flops

One thing commonly dreaded by women is the combination of socks and flip-flops. Socks are designed to protect your feet and keep them warm in a pair of shoes, while sandals are made to keep your feet cool around the house.

Too Much Cologne

There’s a very fine line between having a seductive smell and stinking up the place. You should ideally keep it behind the neck so that the scent isn’t assailing anyone holding a conversation with you. However, once you part ways, they’ll catch enough of your scent to force them to look back at you.

Baseball caps—what women think

A baseball cap is probably appropriate for a few casual situations-especially if you’re headed to a sports game, but there are drawbacks. Baseball caps can make it more difficult to style hair and they hide some undesirable ageing signs such as bald spots.

From protecting your hair to wearing the right kind of hat, you’ll find 10 stylish men’s fashion trends that women will love to follow!

Men Fashion

Men’s Fashion Trends Women Hate

Men shopping for fashion trends: Why are men having so much more fashion leeway with patterns than women? It’s much easier than you think and is just a matter of ensuring that two similar patterns should never be used beside each other. And while they may wear the same pattern, it’s more difficult to make sure they burst out of style in an eye blink.